cape gooseberry

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cape gooseberry
« Reply #15 on: June 18, 2008, 10:13 »
Quote from: "sclarke624"
If you mean the pots are 40cms (15") my pots are only 12" and they are fine.  If you mean the plants, the ones I planted last year are about 3-4 ft hight (91cm -121cm or there abouts) from top of pot, ones planted this year which are a different variety are about 2ft (65cms) high from top of pot.  Both have fruit on them just, not laden down with fruit yet mostly flowers.

I can't remember when fruit was ready to pick as I planted late last year, but Suttons seeds say if planted in April harvest in November.  Think that is loosely followed though cos depends where you are how much sun etc.  They aren't all ready on one plant at once, unfortunately.  I reckon you should have some you can eat by end August.

I did have a lot left on plant last year in September that were not going to ripen as no sun.  I did, as Greenowl rightly said, try to ripen on windowsill some did ripen some just went bad.

The plant is 40 cm high although most are 10cm +



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cape gooseberry
« Reply #16 on: June 18, 2008, 21:12 »
a neighbour on my plot gave me 2 plants about 8 inches tall, and i popped them in knowing nothing about them. They did extremely well. Bearing lots of delicious fruit. i didn't have to do anything special to them. I had forgotten all about them til you just mentioned them. i'm definately going to plant them next year, they're lovely with icecream, and so decorative with their fragile little cases. when is the latest you can sow them? :D

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