found another piece of useful equipment or a load of scrap

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when i was up my friends farm the other day i noticed an old scuffle amongst the other modern equipment my friend informed me that it wouldn't fit the modern tractors but it would fit my Ferguson T20 so we struck a deal there and then the scuffle has thin tines that are adjustable with the undoing of a few bolts and small blades i don't know the maker but it will be deal for the lottie  ;)

when i told the wife what i had bought she didn't actually have the enthusiasm as me
of course i didn't tell her what i paid for it well women don't understand these things do they :ohmy:

i already have a scuffle but it has quite large blades that tend to dig to deep in the ground this one is more lighter and hopefully will cultivate the ground more finer  :D :D


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