A drama at dinner time

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A drama at dinner time
« on: February 03, 2019, 14:42 »
Got invited to daughters last night for Dinner.    As we were eating, their little tiny dog was taking an interest around the log burner (which was alight).
Suddenly a Queen wasp flew about.   My daughter was shouting - quick catch it, and put it out.   Her husband was running around with his slipper in his hand, to drive it out.   So she was shouting, he was flapping around, and I sat there laughing. At which point it went into the bedroom, and he said he couldn't see it any more.
Then it flew back into the room, and a second one appeared and started to dive bomb us.  By now my Daughter, who is terrified of such things, was shouting - kill them, kill them.

I eventually managed to shut the door and trap them in a pot and release them outside.  I reckoned that they must have been hibernating, in the wood store, and must have come in on the logs when Son-in-Law bought them in.

I cannot think what else they could be.    I wished I had a camera, it was a real   You've been Framed moment.    :lol: Mrs Bouquet
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Re: A drama at dinner time
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2019, 15:33 »
your absolutely rite Mrs B they where I believe in the wood store as we had the very same thing happen to us the other week there we where quite happy sitting by the wood burner watching TV when this what looked like a large fly came out of the wood near the fire and buzzed around the light  :ohmy: it was a queen wasp

don't panic Mr Mannering I said to the wife lucky for us  it when into the kitchen and I managed to get it out the door but that's the first time we have ever seen a queen wasp in the house usually there hibernating in pots in the greenhouse that are swiftly taken care of at the time

as a matter of interest I  suppose they can still sting this time of the year although I don't wish to put that one to the test  :D :D

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