ducks and general feeding

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ducks and general feeding
« Reply #15 on: November 19, 2007, 06:59 »
Don't know if its right or wrong but its the way I do it and my ducks have a routine   :!:

I put them supper in a trough at night about a handful per duck of rolled barley and pellets, I always make sure they have water too as they must have it if food is available.  The bucket is always empty in the morning.  I am sure I am making myself work though as it prob makes for more night mess but they look forward to supper now so I am not changing it.

Dave regardless of weather your ducks will be outside for as many hours daylight as they can till you put them to bed at night, I have never found mine inside till they are asked to go to bed by me, so food and drink indoors in the day is not necessary in my opinion.  

The sink sounds good as its heavy but its also slippery and if you have small ducks how are they going to get in/out/  Do you intend sinking it in the ground a bit?  even so they will need some way to get out maybe a ramp.  I expect you are thinking of it as a drinker, they will see it as a bath (all water comes under this catergory I am afraid) :? and try to swim in it.  If it is drinking water it will need changing at least once a day so sink in ground option will make it a pain to empty and believe me they make it dirty in no time.  :(  

Watch out as has been said to make sure they are "Waterproof" and ready to swim or if they got stuck they could drown.  My ducks were about 14 weeks before they were waterproof.

Looks an interestiing property is it a barn conversion, how much land do you have, oops sorry being a nosy woman :oops: Looks like there is plenty of room for a small pond :wink:



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ducks and general feeding
« Reply #16 on: November 19, 2007, 11:57 »
nosey's fine by me lol  :D

its a cottage, probably started off as one but now its two in semi style, the back garden is the one in the pics, there is more space at the back of a big shed you cant see in the pics and this may be coming down soon anyway so more space again eventually. then there's the drive and the front garden but i think they'll only be around there under supervision until its completely secure. bags of room for a pond and i'm going to start on one this week that will be moveable but solid.  that belfast sink will have a ramp or a couple of wide steps up to it so they can get in easily, i'm sure i'll come up with a system for draining/feeding /washing with it while keeping it  above ground. full of ideas me  . . . . .  well, they tell me i'm full of summat anyway  . . .  :shock:

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