eating fertile eggs from under a broody!! and general broody questions

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Ok this might be a very silly question, but I have a broody whos been sitting in the coop since Sunday, Monday morning I marked 4 eggs. 2 hers and 2 hen 2.

Advice here says to lift her out daily, DH tried last night and couldnt because of pecking but he swears (liar!) that there were only 4 eggs still. Ive not seen her out today so went to lift her out and when I did there were 3 eggs marked and 4 more (dont know where the other marked one was - perhaps stuck to her?/) one of the new eggs is hers (is this possible?!- to continue to lay when broody?) so I have taken the 3 unmarked eggs away, these have been under her, mon, tues and today - will these be ok to eat?? dont want to crack them and see an embryo??

Sorry im really funny and maybe a bit silly when it comes to this chuck keeping lark!



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Your broody will probably continue to lay until she has a clutch of eggs (as many as she considers she can incubate).

Eating the eggs would be up to you.  Best to crack one open and see if there is any development.  Some people might be put off and others it wouldn't bother.  You could always scramble them.   ;)
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