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Its technically illegal but i donít know of an example of it being enforced.  More about the principle to try to stop feeding meat scraps and such to flocks.  (I think it all stemmed from the dieses caused by forcing animals to cannibalize like the Sheep feed thing)

It just means that this websites policy is not to encourage people to do it (even though i would guess virtually every one does)

Tis a daft one that! How on earth do you enforce?!  My lot get odds and ends chucked in a pan when I'm prepping veg that would otherwise go into the composted therefore I think I'd argue they were getting compost :tongue2: sniggers.
Curious as to what it's based on??!

Meant to say that we do grow varying bits eg pumpkins etc specifically for them, and the wild blackberries are much loved!

please remember anybody can read this forum. We do not and cannot condone feeding food that has come from your kitchen.

Mrs Bee:

--- Quote from: sarah1983jane on January 29, 2012, 17:32 ---"Defra says it is illegal to feed your birds on food that has come from your kitchen.

erm really?


nee nar nee nar her come the police for me, I like throwing left over food to the chickens - why send it to landfill when they can eat it!

--- End quote ---

Sorry, don't believe the police are coming for you love :nowink:

Where we are you can't get them to turn out if a breakin is in progress :mad:

There are    so many daft rules these days, usually in knee jerk responses to some idiot practising dodgy farming, such as feeding ground up dead sheep to grass eating cows etc :mad:

SO long as we don't give the chooks meat what the heck. Ours get allsorts of non meat kitchen scraps and greens from the lotty. Will wait for the police to turn up 8) :D! Would rather face their displeasure than my chickens displeasure if they go without their treats. ;)


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