Building a wooden frame to protect against birds.

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Re: Building a wooden frame to protect against birds.
« Reply #15 on: December 01, 2011, 20:35 »
Just to think about --- bear in mind that soem brassicas, like purple sprouting broccoli for example, grow really tall, up to 1.5m, so you will need to have quite tall frames.

After a couple of unsuccessful efforts (one too short, one to heavy to move to weed/crop etc) I now have three of those cheapish metal arches you can buy to train roses over, and stood them over one of the raised beds.

I have a debris net cover with velcro door in one long end for the summer, and am about to change it for a wide mesh bird proof netting for the winter, because the weight of snow on the debris netting will probably bend the metal  of the arches. They are well staked on the inside with wood a foot deep, and guyed at each end so summer gales didn't blow them over.

Debris netting kept out the cabbage white and bird netting will keep out pigeons during the winter --- no butterflies now!

Hope that helps a bit.

The lower frames you mention work well for short crops as long as you can lift them of single handed

Thats a great idea Sunny. I started a trend on our site by using ball pool balls on canes( I cut a small cross in the ball & put on the cane) then put the netting over,or I use some plastic pipe offcuts I got from the workmen replacing the gas pipes around here which work well for low crops.
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