Spring onions not getting any bigger.

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Re: Spring onions not getting any bigger.
« Reply #75 on: September 09, 2012, 08:42 »
I reckon you've got the same sort of springs that most people have this year Hubbali!

They've had a rotten year to develop as they should, it's not your fault, but expect that if you were an onion seed, trying to get over the silliest warm weather in March, the wettest April, May and June on record, and now the dryest August and September since - well - a few years ago at least, it's not surprising that you'd say' 'Oh buqqer this, I'm going to sulk and not grow'!

Tell us what has grown well - did you do well with spuds, or courgettes, or anything else?

I like to listen to a success story now and again, because I've been blighted on all my winter tomato puree, which is a problem for me, as I'll have to go to Twongos for my pasta sauce now!

Ok, here goes.

Runner beans excellent BUT made the mistake of planting them where they now block sunlight in the garden.

Courgettes did poor in pots with compost but as soon as planted in the garden they are romping away. The best yet for me !

Toms - In the greenhouse and outside are still many to ripen but picking every day. Miraculously escaped blight.

Raspberry's dug out and put in large containers. despite that, doing well and starting to set fruit.

Spuds all got blight BUT Red Rooster that I pulled out the foliage and binned has started growing again so may get a crop ?

Chilli peppers are starting to produce pods.

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Re: Spring onions not getting any bigger.
« Reply #76 on: September 10, 2012, 06:36 »
Marvellous news there!

So it definitely is not all bad then!

I wanted to sow some China Rose radish soon, but Mrs G says she doesn't like them! We may pop in a row of Winter Density if there's space though!

I think this has been the best ever year for courgettes, and runners seem to have run out of puff after rushing away in all directions.

Still got thirteen tom plants going in the GH, but they're being watched and nurtured almost hourly...

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