A cuckoo in the Nest or is it two

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A cuckoo in the Nest or is it two
« on: June 10, 2011, 21:38 »
Well 5 weeks ago we became the proud owners of 6 Orpington chicks. At the beginning of this week I  posted their pictures on here. (I called the posts Orpington Chick pics one and two). At the same time I e-mailed some pictures to the breeder primarily to try and find out what type of Orpington the black and white one was (called Humbug, you can guess why  :lol:)

Yesterday I decided to check the smallest one as I was concerned it wasn't growing the same as the other 5, only to discover on picking it up, that (as my 9 year son out it) it was wearing socks and slippers (or feathered leg to you and I)  :ohmy: Orpingtons definitely don't have those legs :blink:

So today I spoke to the breeder, she is very confused and is at a lose as to what it might be, she wonders if it is a Barham - but can't think how it got in with the Orps.  ??? But then she said, and  I thought you were going to say the black and white one was the interloper. When I asked why she said that when she had seen my pictures she wondered how I got that by mistake as she thinks its a Maran  :ohmy: ??? but again has no idea how it ended up with the orp chicks.

So now I am very confused, if anyone would like to look at the pictures and see what they think I would be be interested to hear.

We are going to take them all back to her place in two weeks, to see if we can sort out whats what, and whos who (hopefully all cockerels will be evident by then too, so I can swap them for girls).

All I can hope is they still have some similar age chicks left, if not its back to little ones I guess and who knows what I might get  ::)

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