Illness - Please Help

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Illness - Please Help
« on: February 24, 2011, 14:05 »
We have got 6 chickens and last year about this time, one of our Black Rocks became very lethargic,  her comb became very pale (nearly blue and she seemed to puff up.  This lasted for about 3-4 days and none of the other five were affected.  She then went back to normal.

About 5 days ago, the same chicken had exactly the same symptoms and after 3 days she died.  Again none of the others are affected and we can find no other symptoms than those above, other than her vent was a bit dirty.

Does anyone have any ideas or was it just her time.  She was 2 years old and otherwise extremely healthy.  Wondered if it could have been drinking standing water as it has been very wet over the past week..

Don't want the others to be affected in the same way but no sure what it could be.

Thanks in advance.



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Re: Illness - Please Help
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2011, 14:12 »
the blue comb could be an indication that she had a heart problem, however you ought to take them to a vet in the future should any of the others show the same symptoms (or indeed any other symptoms of illness) rather than leave them to suffer. By the time shows signs of illness they are usually very ill (they try to hide any signs of illness and weakness).
Blackrocks generally live a lot longer than 2 years (and have been known to still lay the occasional egg when they are 8).
If you are not sure about your local vets as to whether they treat chickens it would be a good idea to ring round now before you need them  :)
Staffies are softer than you think.

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