chickens - do I need to keep my dog form fouling where the chickens roam

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Sounds like a silly question and I almost expect the answer is yes.  However  its not that straight forward.  our dogs sometimes poo in our back garden and we would like to keep chickens.  I think that it will be a no-no to have them in the same garden.  Whilst we always remove poo as it arrives I am concerned if there are any lingering issues that I should be aware of in poultry management.  Obvioulsy the dogs are wormed and in great health.  Should I be going out  of my way to make sure the chickens could never come in contact with a patch of grass that the dog has fouled on or is this a step too far?   Help,  I am a novice and we need to know before we get our chickens if this is a go-er.



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Sorry i hve no idea and would like to know this myself. However another question i need answering is should i let my dogs eat the chicken pooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I worked on the fact that when i was little my uncle had cows and chickens in the same meadow and that was ok



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my dogs share our space with the chickens, so long as both are wormed properly and you pooh pick (dogs) then you are fine. Most dogs will try chicken pooh - they can have some revolting habits.
Staffies are softer than you think.



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My dog ate the chicken poo for the first few days but the novelty has worn off.  I poo pick dog and chickens every day and they are fine.



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when my hens are out on the lawn my dog follows them waiting to hoover up whatever they leave behind..... revolting habit !

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