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Re: F1 Seed
« Reply #30 on: December 01, 2010, 14:43 »
this topic gets better by the day  :lol:

i think its unfair to site criticism at the F1 seeds we all have failures some from traditional seed some from F1'S YES me included and i suspect this goes for the commercial grower to  who relies on his crop for his lively-hood  even  the best of  gardeners will say that a lot depends on the condition of the soil and the ever important factor of the growing season so basically we all grow to our own ground condition do we not or a good Shepard should know his sheep ;)

some good points where  made  FLAVOUR  if it tastes good and its an f1 grow it :)

if you don't want  vegetables to come in all together grow in succession where ever possible well said swing swag :D :D :D



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Re: F1 Seed
« Reply #31 on: December 15, 2010, 16:39 »
I buy all my seed (bar anything that has very short storage life, like Parsnips) in the Wyevale 50p-a-packet sale - so I get 3.50 packets of F1 Squash the same price as a giant packet of Lettuce seeds!

I too have no wish to grow F1 that are bred purely to "all come at once"; although I can see the benefit of that to commercial growers I wonder how often that is the reason for F1 being offered to amateur gardeners? (rather than disease resistance or some other characteristic?)

Just looking through next year's seed packets to see which are F1:

Cucumber (greenhouse) - F1 for all-female - no seeds - no bitter fruit - no need to remove male flowers 4.80 for 4 seeds

Squash Cobnut. Grew these last year for the first time. They all came different shapes and sizes like Gourds - so no idea what happened to the "F1" part - but they were deliciously sweet. I shall be interested to see what shapes I get next year. 3.99 / 12 seeds

Cantaloupe melon F1 Sweetheart. Had great success with these for several seasons now, lovely flavour, thus trying them again. 2.55 / 15 seeds

Sweet corn Swift F1 - very fast growing, beautifully sweet (but often only one cob per plant)  1.85 / 35 seeds

Errmmm ... that's about it. I have old packets of F1 seed that were a disappointment, or no better than the non-F1 seed I grew:

Purple coloured Kohl Rabi
Several varieties of Carrot - Bangor, Nelson
Various other Melons that I have tried over the years
Leek F1 Carlton - grew very strong and fat, but not many of those that germinated originally survived to be transplanted (might have been me, of course, but the Mussleburgh right alongside them did just fine)
Sweetcorn Minipop F1 - far too difficult to harvest them "small enough" IME, and a waste of the cropping space where I could have grown full-sized Sweetcorn which the kids would be just as happy to eat :)



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Re: F1 Seed
« Reply #32 on: December 15, 2010, 19:31 »
I grew 3 F1s this year.

Cucumber Femspot at about 50 per seed was well worth it for (as Kristen pointed out) edible fruit compared to a string of disasters with Long Green Ridge.

Tomatoes Shirley ( a cracker and not too expensive) and Tumbler (very nice too but pricey). remember everyone, it's often illegal to propagate from an F1 so you really don't want to be sowing a few seeds and then taking cuttings....

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Re: F1 Seed
« Reply #33 on: December 15, 2010, 19:57 »
This got me thinking..which f1s do I grow?

Picolino Cucumber, small all female, so no faffing about,
Parthenon courgette, also all female so no pollination worries,
Sweetcorn Lark, a tendersweet shorter variety,
Cabbage Minicole, perfect size autumn cabbage for a small family and stands for months,
   "           Hispi, started under cover in January it fills the hungry gap
    "           Tundra superb tasting winter cabbage which is totally winter hardy, stands till spring.
Cauliflower Clapton, clubroot resistant, can also be started undercover in Jan for early crop.

New to me for next year is Parsnip Gladiator..........it came highly recommended ;)
Lesley x
I'm not good, I'm not bad - I'm just me, and sometimes I have to apologise for that ;)



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Re: F1 Seed
« Reply #34 on: December 17, 2010, 09:42 »
"it's often illegal to propagate from an F1 so you really don't want to be sowing a few seeds and then taking cuttings...."

Only illegal to propagate from plants covered by Breeders Rights if you are selling them (or, I hear, opening your garden to the public "commercially")

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