Chickens Won't Come Out the House

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Chickens Won't Come Out the House
« on: June 23, 2007, 09:25 »
Got my first two hens yesterday, bovan goldlines, put them in their house when i first got them to settle down and then opened the pop hole but they didnt want to come out all day. Their house is only about 2 ft high if that above the run with a ladder system but they didnt come out. Bit worried as they hadnt eaten or drunk all day so i lifted them down to the run in the evening and they were happy as anything. Went to put them to bed last night but they had beaten me to it so they had obviously worked out how to go up the ladder. This morning i opened the pop hole but again they won't come out. I've put their feeder at the bottom to try and encourage them out but one just sits on its perch not bothered by anything and the other just stands at the pop hole.

Is their anything I can do to try and encourage them down, dont want them to go thirsty etc. Tried putting some corn on each rung of the ladder, and a bit of lettuce but didnt work. Any suggestions???



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Chickens Won't Come Out the House
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2007, 09:38 »
hi blondie
                             our bovans didnt come out of there shed for a while,we were advised to keep them in for about 3 days .5months later they come and go as they please ,so i woudnt worry they will come out in there own time.



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Chickens Won't Come Out the House
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2007, 15:17 »
Hi Blondie

When we first got ours some caught on really quickly about going up and down the ladder but a couple were slower and needed lifting in and out for a few days. Like you I was worried about them needing food and water so we lifted them up and down for several days and then suddenly they got the idea and needed no further help.



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Chickens Won't Come Out the House
« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2007, 22:09 »
:lol: I don't think pop holes or ladders have been incorporated into their instincts by evolution yet so give them time to catch up.  Chickens do learn very quickly.  Make sure they have feed and water in their house until the have mastered the task of ladders  :D
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