hatching eggs with a broody - they're rolling around, help!

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Hi guys
Apologies if this is answered on the stickie, but it looks like that's just for incubator hatching....
Our pekin is sitting on 5 eggs, day 16 today.  She's looking after them very well, and I have tried to leave alone as much as poss, but I noticed recently that because she's scuttled down so much, the eggs are basically on the bare wood floor of the nesting box, with the straw all round the outside.  I'm really worried that when I pick her up (to make sure she gets out to stretch her legs) or when she goes off to eat, the eggs are rolling around far too much... doesn't seem right or natural?
Should I try to gently take them out and put a load more straw in, then put them back again - but I did this a week or so ago and after a short while, we were back to square one!  Or, should I just leave well alone and hope they're ok.
I'll be SO gutted if they don't hatch  :(
Any advice gratefully received.....



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I would leave the eggs alone and don't worry about nothing underneath her, she will turn them under herself.
Staffies are softer than you think.



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Thank you :-)
Keeping everything crossed!


stan deakin

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just leave them , but next time get a lump pf turf about 18" square and bang it in the middle to make a dent , this will keep the eggs from rolling arround and also keep them a bit damp as well , i have done this many times without any trouble broodys can somtimses be a pain but what is better than seeing a hen with her chicks when they hatch , good luck   stan,

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