Treatment for Favus (fungal infection of chickens combs)

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Has anyone any experience of using Daktarin (athletes foot treatment) for treating Favus?  This is a fungal infection of chickens combs and wattles (looks like a white flour like dusting) which causes small scabs on a chx comb.  I have a cock which as a result of fighting with his neighbour has injured his comb.  It appears he may have a fungal infection setting in.  I've used the purple spray in the past for this type of thing but it's so messy and you need to capture the bird and be careful to avoid getting it in his eyes and generally you end up with very stained hands or clothes.  Daktarin cream is a lot less messy and easier to apply once he's roosted and I imagine will be more effective.

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Re: Treatment for Favus (fungal infection of chickens combs)
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2010, 11:26 »
a book I have* recomends Formalin in petroleum jelly for favus.

* poultry health and disease by Paul McMullin.
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Re: Treatment for Favus (fungal infection of chickens combs)
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2010, 12:25 »
Just an update on using Daktarin to treat Favus.  I tried it and my roosters comb is now much improved and although I can't claim it's all down to the Daktarin it looks promising.  I only used it 3 times about 3 days apart and lightly applied it to the entire comb.  Rubbing in well.  He was quite good about it.  The scabbing went and the comb has resumed a more healthy red waxy look.  If you do try it apply with caution don't get it in the eyes and apply sparringly at two or three day periods and keep a look out for any adverse reaction.  There's no problem I know of but it pays to be cautious.

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