Honey Fungus

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Honey Fungus
« on: September 27, 2009, 15:20 »

We have been told that we have honey fungus in our garden which is killing our privet hedge :(

I want to give my friend, who lives nearby, some lavender bushes from our garden but I'm worried about passing on the honey fungus as well. The lavender is growing about 20ft away from the privet hedge.

Any advice would be gratefuuly received :)



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Re: Honey Fungus
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2009, 16:51 »
If the bushes are healthy, then I think they should be ok but tell her your problem and suggest she plants them in pots to "quarantine" them and see how they go. I believe Armillatox sorts out honey fungus unless it is a banned substance - someone on here will warn you if it is.
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Re: Honey Fungus
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2009, 16:55 »
I believe Armillatox sorts out honey fungus unless it is a banned substance - someone on here will warn you if it is.

Did it really tell you to do THAT on the packet?

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Re: Honey Fungus
« Reply #3 on: October 08, 2009, 23:42 »
We thought we had this awful fungus in the front garden last year. Something killed off a fir tree, half the privet hedge, 2 lovely roses, a big Choisya and an 8' Ceanothus. We were devastated!
All the plants lost were "woody" shrubs (typical of Honey fungus) The perennials, hebes, bulbs etc. were fine.
We got in an expert from the Council but he found no actual evidence of fungus and tests for different pests/diseases were extortionate so we dug everything up and burnt it, manured and watered really well and planted a Laurel and Escallonia hedge (they don't get affected by Honey fungus). This year the hedge has grown over a foot and the Choisya has re-grown from the root!
It could just have been drought! We'll never know......

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