Other hens attacking one chicken

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Other hens attacking one chicken
« on: September 26, 2009, 11:55 »
I posted previously that one of my ex-batts was badly pecked and bleeding.  I kept her seperate for three days till I was off work to supervise.  Yesterday I put her with them when I let them out of the pen, hoping they might be distracted by the excitement of being let out.  But no, a couple of them flew straight out, it was nasty.  She has large bald bits, but I had cleaned up the blood.  I'm still waiting for the anti-peck spray, but I can't see that will make a difference, with the venom they appeared to show in their attack.
Do I have to wait to the feathers have re-grown?  Will that make any difference?  Shall I try and re-home her?  Do I need someone with a seperate pen, so she can intergrate there and not go through the same again?
I am really bonding with the poor thing, since she's living in my (now very smelly) house.  I can't imagine ever getting to the stage of going to work and not worry about her being pecked to death.



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Re: Other hens attacking one chicken
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2009, 12:13 »
could you build a run for her?, she would still be outside, but behind the safety of he mesh. that way they could all see each other, and you could start re-introducing her.
its very hard to introduce a chicken by them selfs....maybe think about getting her a buddy to go in the run with her and introduce them together in a few weeks time?  good luck with them :)

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