score one for me

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score one for me
« on: January 22, 2007, 14:23 »
called to fit new door handles n barrels to a vilage house . georgian ones .. fakes of course . no worries £10 n hour for doing nowt suits me , gets there 8 sets to do . barrelsto long old barrels still sound . " i only want them cos they look nice " told her i need to drill out the holes to fit new barrels so will be longer time . i cant be here all the time u need .. ok i said i can fit the handles using the original barels and you can have the new barrels and do sumat with them ,,, ok she says . so i fits 8 new sets handles . 50 mins total time . far as im concerned an hours money ,. i get told to take all the new barrels n stuff home  as she hasnt a use for it . ok no probs i give her bill for a £ 10 , she gives me £40 i say " you gave me to much ",,,, she says  no you take it u came when i asked and if i ask again i am sure you will come ," okkkkk? she says . is there anything else you can do around the house ? what do you meann i ask ? ermmm i ned a new sliding door on my bedroom walk in wardrobe .can  you  take a look . ok i did and she sayshe needs a new rail only for the wheels to dop in .. then on closer inspection it was the actual wheel itself needed tightening up . qwick twist with a screw driver and sorted  andim ready to go home .. into my hand comes the money . squeesing my fingers a as she gave me it ... looking at the picture of her hubby and kids im thinking  GET THE HELL OUTA HERE , needless to say im gonna be to busy next time she calls lmao :lol:
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score one for me
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2007, 15:00 »
:D hehay! used to get stuff like that happen when i was a field engineer, usedto fix the door entry intercoms. Once did a flat in Leeds where i had to just test the phone, lass about 17, spanish or the like, lets me in, shes nude, then she lays down on sofa and gets on wi reading book, in full view (took ages to test that phone :D )

old grannies were the worst, some were right devils. But the worst job was testing smoke detectors, every old grannie made me a cuppa, until the last house i needed the loo badly - she wouldnt let me use it :cry:
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score one for me
« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2007, 20:24 »
I know somone who worked for NTL (gulp) fitting tv and phones etc, he went to do a phone gave the bell a ring and a very nice young lady anwserd, She showed him were she wanted the point lol offerd him a cuppa bobs ya uncle, next thing shes on about how she split from her bloke and how shes mad for going out clubbin, pubin meals you know the rest, next thing she says am gonna have a bath,ok he said no probs, while doing the tv he heard her saying the door is open are you coming in lol so he dose no more gets undressed and pops in the bathroom,she gose mad cos she was calling her cat and he gets the sack ooopps :oops:  :evil: .

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