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« on: June 28, 2008, 09:07 »
A bit like ratatouille -sp?-, prepared in many ways, I like it best as follows:

Some oil, salt, pepper, paprika powder, chilli to taste, equal volumes of sliced onions and peppers, half volume of sliced tomatoes.

Sweat onions in the fat with seasoning, add and soften the peppers for a few minutes add the tomatoes, cook till juices thicken a bit, add some sugar to balance flavour in the end, will greatly depend on acidity of tomatoes.

Can be prepared in bulk and re-heated or frozen or bottled under oil, too.

A lot of extras can be added, like some courgette or summer squash, or mushrooms, cooked rice, I most like it without or re-heated with eggs scrambled in.

Serve with fresh bread and plain youghurt if you like, mind the winds.

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