Growing potatoes in pots / growbag

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Growing potatoes in pots / growbag
« on: April 17, 2008, 14:45 »
Hello everyone a newbie here sorry  :oops:

 I was watching Jamie Oliver last night with his programme "jamie at home"
 and he started going about on about growing potatoes in grow bags and containers.

 As i have yard with no mud as yet, i was just if this was possible. If so how long would i leave them in pots / growbag for?

 At the moment i don't have any potatoes chitting at the moment and i was wondering if was to long to start growing them?

Sorry in advance for the daft questions  :shock:

Thanks in advance for any advice
P.S the potatoes i'll be using are probably going to be some old ones from a supermarket that's left over or my local veg market. No idea what there are called as i tend to buy whatevers cheapest.  :D
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Growing potatoes in pots / growbag
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2008, 18:35 »
You may not get great spuds from old supermarket tubers but it's always worth a try, especially if you get them in soon.

You'll need either a fairly large container, or old compost bags.  I wouldn't use a growbag unless you're standing it on its end; you need depth for spuds.

Ideally, you put maybe a third of compost in, a tuber or three (probably not more than that) per container etc, then cover them up with some more compost.  If using a bag, the sides can be rolled partially down at this stage.

As the potato shoots / leaves grow, earth up by bunging in some more compost on top (graduallly roll up the edges of the bag too).  After a couple of earthings-up, you should have reached the top of the bag or container.

The length of time before being ready to harvest depends on the type of variety, some take longer than others.  Probably just wait until after flowering, stick your hand in to investigate, and take it from there!

I've not actually tried this method of growing for years, so those with more recent or extensive experience may well have more comments to make.  :)
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Growing potatoes in pots / growbag
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2008, 19:36 »
Tescos are currently selling bags of seed potatoes . Unwins I think. Wyevale still have bags of seed pots and do some small packs of ten - though this is more expensive per potato.
  I grew four large tubs of second lates over winter and had lots of new red potatoes through December - they grew surprisingly quickly considering the season. I used very big plastic planters  and ordinary compost. Havent tried it through summer yet but I have some pots chitting now - I will not however risk putting them in the same container and will use poly bags.



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Growing potatoes in pots / growbag
« Reply #3 on: April 18, 2008, 10:17 »
Thanks everyone for the advice i really appreciate it.

 Think i'll have a go at the weekend, showing my nieces how to plant seeds since they've never played in mud (compost) before unlike my filthy boys!!

 I'll probably grow them in a grow bag first then get some mediumish containers, never know might even stop the flying mini greenhouse form flying.

Let you know how i get along with it all.  :)

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