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Jean Butler

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« on: October 12, 2020, 19:28 »
Good evening, all,

I  wonder if you can help me.

I have strawberry and raspberry canes on order to plant out bare rooted in November, all being well.

I would welcome any tips or advice to help the plants establish. In particular, the  supplier is recommending Rootgrow, but it seems very expensive. Does anyone have experience of this as to whether it is value for money?

My soil is sandy, so I have dug a couple of trenches and added plenty of well rotted horse manure. I will add plenty of bonemeal when I plant, as I forgot to add it when I was digging the trenches. For the strawberries I made a lasagne bed in the summer, which should be ready to plant when the time comes. Again I will add bonemeal.

Looking forward to hearing from you



New shoot

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Re: Rootgrow
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2020, 19:48 »
Hi Jean and welcome  :)

Rootgrow can be effective when changing the planting in a piece of ground e.g. planting fruit in an area previously laid down to grass.   The theory is that it introduces the types of beneficial fungi into the soil that suit that plant, whereas the existing ones will be the types that specialise in pairing up with grasses.

If you are planting into an area that has been previously used as productive ground, or even general garden with a mix of types of plants, the existing soil fungi should also be a mix including types best able to pair up with your new planting.

You have done what sounds like a decent amount of preparation for your new soft fruit, so my opinion would be that if you think it is expensive and are not convinced you need it, you could skip it.  It is not something every gardener feels the need to buy  :)

I used to work in a plant nursery that sold large stock and trees and we were encouraged to recommend it as well.  It was a nice little add-on and when people were spending out a bit on plants, they often were easily persuaded a few extra quid was money well spent  ;)

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