Hi, I'm new to this forum- i have a question regards garlic bulbs

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Hi i have just managed to clear my allotment and i am looking forward to planting veg.
I bought some garlic bulbs from the garden centre that i was going to plant in this week but after looking into the planting it says they need to be planted in autumn.

As they are still in the netted bag from the garden center i was just wondering how i can store them whilst i am waiting until autumn to plant them .
Thank you


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Garlic can normally be planted in Autumn as you say or spring. It is getting pretty late but depending on how many bulbs you have I would be tempted to plant some now and keep the rest cool till autumn. Others may have a view on where to store bulbs a fridge might be an option but I donít have personal experience of doing this.
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I am not optimistic but you might as well plant them.
I think you have been sold garlic that should have been planted last autumn.  It would need a period of cold to develop properly.  You don't say what variety it is, but some will be ready to pick in June if planted at the right time.
You could put it in now and see what happens, but I doubt it would get to full size and might not separate into separate cloves.
You could try and keep it in a cool dry place and plant this autumn if it still looks in decent condition, but I would be investing in some new garlic at that time if it was me.



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Definitely plant it now or it will be pretty much dead by autumn. It wonít do much this year, may just throw up a few leaves, but should be in good condition come the autumn to grow properly next year. I threw in some of mine that was starting to shrivel and sprout a month ago and it has thrown up leaves a few inches tall. Itís clearly not going to catch up with the stuff planted at the proper time and is just biding itís time.

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