Designing a greenhouse, what would you do from the start?

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When we moved to a new house with a small garden (from a two acre one!) the compromise for me losing my beloved garden space was that I would have a lovely big greenhouse.

I’ve room for a 8 foot by 32 foot lean-to which will join into the house at the narrow end, and back onto the south facing garage wall on the long side. I’m very, very excited about it, and will treat myself sometime this year. Because of the garage eaves, it will be limited to 2m tall (no problem for me, I’m only five foot. Might be an issue for some plants though!)

I can have power, light, water and drainage in it (it will lead off from the kitchen) and the ground is mostly block paved underfoot at the moment.  It will have access to both the driveway and garage, and small storage shed. At the moment there is a large curved bed against the garage wall, which I will narrow for a central walk way, and I will take up the block paving to create a narrower raised bed against the front glass wall.

I’m thinking about perennials at the back against the south facing wall and annuals in the front bed. I’d like a fan trained apricot and a lemon tree, perhaps a lime and a kiwi. The front bed will be mainly tomatoes in the summer and late/early/winter veg in the other seasons.

My questions are does anyone know any good resources for growing vegetables all year round? (my main reason for getting it, I’d like to concentrate on early/late/out of season veg, rather than tender/Mediterranean things in summer) and what should I making sure to consider now, rather than later. Especially, where and how is it useful to put in power sockets and water points and other infrastructure doo dahs. 

The pictures show where it will go, and the plan of how I hope it will turn out.

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