Recipe : Home-made Golden Syrup

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Recipe : Home-made Golden Syrup
« on: December 09, 2019, 10:58 »
Today's experiment... home-made Golden Syrup!

I needed to order some more Golden Syrup and since the supermarket only does the little tins I wanted to see if Amazon did the big ones. They did but also had big 5L plastic canisters of it. While that was a bit more than we really needed, a chance comment on one of the reviews lead me to Google "How to make Golden Syrup".  Turns out it is really easy if you have a heavy pan and a sugar thermometer.

Ingredients :

200g Granulated Sugar
60ml water
1000g granulated sugar
600ml freshly boiled hot water
1/4 of a whole lemon

Prepare enough of wide-mouthed jars that between them will hold about 1200ml. Wash and rinse them then place in a low (90C) oven to dry and keep warm.

Put the 200g of granulated sugar and 60ml water into a heavy saucepan. Heat without stirring over low to medium heat until it dissolves. Raise heat to medium and allow to boil slowly to 150C Hard Crack (c. 10 mins).

Take off the heat and slowly add 600ml freshly boiled hot water. Be careful and add the first bit very slowly as it will spit initially. Add 1000g granulated sugar and stir until combined. Add 1/4 of a whole lemon. This will prevent crystals forming and causes some glucose to change to fructose.

Raise the heat to medium until it slowly boils again then lower heat to a slow simmer for 40-50 mins. There is no need to stir. You are aiming for a brisk seethe to slow simmer, nothing more vigorous.

After the 40-50 minutes of simmering, turn off the heat and remove the piece of lemon. Skim off any scum if present. Pour through a small sieve (to catch any bits of lemon) into clean, hot jars.

Makes c. 1200ml. Allow to cool overnight then check the thickness.

If it is still too thin the next day, pour back into pan, wash and warm the jars and re-simmer for 10 mins. If it is too thick, put back in pan, add 60ml water, bring back to a simmer then re-jar.

My first batch ended up at what I would call "runny honey pouring consistency" rather than as thick as typical Golden Syrup but I kept it like that anyway as it is useful. The flavour was less strong than the tinned stuff but had a pleasant lemony "barleysugar" taste to it.

The recipe can of course be scaled up and down as much as needed. You won't save much money over the tinned syrup but you can use better sugar such as Billingtons. I reckon that the 1200ml syrup cost me 2.

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