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« on: September 09, 2019, 11:14 »
Hello everyone.

I have a smallholding in Dumfriesshire, am a single mum and run my own business (in Dumfries, 10 miles from home).
I have a decent sized garden for growing, and quite a large polytnnel with 6 large raised beds in it.
My lovely dad helps me out twice a week with the garden, but at 79 (and still working with me in my business three days a week!) I am noting that he shouldn't be doing so much for me, and he is slowing down :(
Because I work full time and I also operate a small holiday cottage from the same sight, I really struggle with the upkeep of the vegetable garden.
Do you think it's feasible (and not too cheeky) to advertise and ask for someone (perhaps retired) to take on some of the garden to use for themselves, along with any space they'd like in the polytunnel?
I'd not want rent, just to be able to use some of the vegetables. I could provide all the compost and seeds, if they did the majority of the tending.
I'd water every evening as I do at the moment, and obviously help as much as I could.
I am looking for a future plan so that my dad can still come out to my lovely garden, enjoy it, but not worry that he and I will have to do all the graft in it.
Back in the day, he probably bit off more than he could chew and last year (after much begging), he did let me turn a good few square meters in to a patio!

I love my garden, and all that it represents and gives me. But I work a 40 hour week, plus see to the cottage, my son and all my animals (but we'll not go into them at this stage...!)

Is this a big ask for someone, or is this a perfect scenario?

Thank you x


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