RIP Henrietta

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RIP Henrietta
« on: January 05, 2019, 20:51 »
Lost this afternoon to the fox :(. I think she was just 5 years old and still giving the odd egg. Pecky the speckled is moulting, and Babs the barred rock is laying ok. A couple of days ago we had 2 eggs so I guess this was her last. She was the boss of the coop so the pecking order will now change.

I heard the hens shouting, went to the conservatory door and then saw the fox right outside with its mouth round Hens neck. I opened the door, fox panicked and ran. I picked hen up, who was still alive but had blood on her feathers. I took her in my arms and chased off the fox, as the 2 dotties were still loose in the garden hiding in the hedge. Once the fox had gone I carried Hen back to the conservatory. On the way back she struggled in my arms then died. Very sad, a prolific layer. We had had her 14/05/14 pol, so I guessed she was just 5. Usually I invite my hens inside late afternoon as I know it is danger time, but Pecky would not come in, so I let the other 2 back out. Will not make that mistake again. If I am busy then they come in, like it or not.

I will bury Hen tomorrow under a paving slab, like I did with Sandy and Beryl. That fox will not get a chicken dinner!

Not sure if I will get another one, if I do then it will be a Speckled or Barred Rock. Hen was a Columbian Blacktail so her golden plumage stood out well in the garden, whereas you have to look hard to see the dotties

rip Sandy, rip Beryl, Henrietta

Know what would be nice in your garden, a few hens lol



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Re: RIP Henrietta
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2019, 18:36 »
That's not funny we had a chicken called Henrietta she was a dark Maran she gave me lovely dark eggs for my breakfast she also had a mate called Fred he had a heart attack after a thunderstorm. I would long for some more, but i don't think so  :nowink:
I Love my green house


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