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Garlic Newbie
« on: October 31, 2018, 22:11 »
Hi all - Iím planning on growing garlic next year so after any advice doís and doníts - Iíve been reading they like the cold but ideally I wanted to get my plot cleared & organised and some food added before I plant anything so may not happen until the new year - what have been your favourite variety Iím just after a good flavoured decent sized bulb donít want the huge variety.

TIA Missey



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Re: Garlic Newbie
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2018, 06:42 »
As you may know there are two types of Garlic, hardneck and softneck, each with their own selling points.

Hardnecks produce fewer, larger cloves with a stronger flavour which are easier to peel, however they don't store at all well. You could pickle these cloves to preserve them. They send up a 'scape' which is a long, often curled stem with a spikey end which while very tasty, should be cut to avoid it robbing the bulb of energy and nutrition.

Softnecks have a milder flavour with smaller cloves but don't produce a scape, meaning come harvest time the stems can be braided and they will last all winter in storage.

Probably best to go with one or two of each type. I find 2 bulbs sufficient for planting an 11ft row, planting so the papery tip of each clove is just beneath the soil surface. Cover with netting or half a clear pop bottle to stop birds plucking them out until they establish.

In terms of varieties, some suit planting in Autumn, some the following year so avoid buying now for next year as the ones on sale will be autumn planting varieties

Mersley Wight looks good on paper, a softneck which can store for a year, and very tasty too (supposedly), plant in Jan or Feb. I'm trying it out this year.

My late Garlic will be Picardy Wight, another softneck that can go in any time up until March, known for good flavour and hardiness.

Next autumn you could consider Carcassonne wight (hardneck) and Germidour (softneck) which are reknowned for flavour, I planted mine in September and they're going great. The point of planting autumn Garlic to overwinter is that they get a head start, being ready a month or two earlier the following year.

The cold thing is about the bulbs splitting into cloves, worth noting but on occasion I've had a bulb without cloves, just one big lump and it's not the end of the world!


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Re: Garlic Newbie
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2018, 21:59 »
Thank you so much I didnít know about Hard/Soft necks  - will definitely try the variety you suggested as Jan planting will fit perfectly.  Thanks again

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