Garden Casualties !

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Garden Casualties !
« on: July 27, 2018, 12:54 »
I have tried to shade some of the ferns with a big parasol, but they are scorched and starting to flop.
The others have just burnt up, there is now nothing there at all.
Autumn Anenomies (too hot, can't spell !), all wilted and burnng up.
Trees already losing their leaves.
Tiarella, burned out - almost disappeared.
Large Bay tree in a large pot, gone completely brown, doesn't look good at all.
Even the Buddlias, are wilting and the leaves have gone yellow and falling off.
There are lots more falling by the way side - except the bindweed of course :mad:
I think I shall just have to accept it as is, and hope that these plants will all recover next year.

Stay cool 8) Mrs Bouquet
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Re: Garden Casualties !
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2018, 13:29 »
I've lost some rockery plants including Erigeron Sea Breeze and aubretia, and campanulas - they weren't growing that strongly after the cold spell and then they got hit by the heat  ::) I'll have to start again from seeds
I had next year's foxglove Apricot plants in pots, but couldn't water enough, apparently - the same with my delphinium babies - just 2 left of those.... again more seeds required.
My wild primrose tops have also gone, but I'm hoping they will reappear with some rain and cooler weather.
The hydrangeas I grew last year from cuttings are struggling but so far a bucket of water most nights is keeping them alive.
The roses seem to be coping by not repeat flowering, so hope they will be ok.

Goodness knows what my water bill will be this year, despite recycling some grey water on my pots  :ohmy:
Lesley x
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