a red hen and a pup

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a red hen and a pup
« on: February 17, 2018, 19:49 »
 sounds like a fairy tale but its something we seen yesterday that brought tears of laughter to my eyes a friend of ours has just had a little Jack Russell puppy given her about twelve weeks old

as we stood talking the pup challenged a red hen that was not happy at that and chased the pup trying to peck him the more the pup went to the hen the more the hen run the pup it was just so funny to watch

in the end the pup went behind the women's  legs to hide from the hen then the hen seen the pup and it all started of again only when the women put the pup inside the truck did the hen stroll away quite casual I bet the hen  said to itself there's another day   :D :D :D


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