Wing paralysis in bantam

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Wing paralysis in bantam
« on: December 05, 2017, 12:20 »
Hope someone can help!

I've got an Araucana bantam, which is about a year old. A few weeks ago, one of her wings was drooping. It didn't appear to have any injury/broken bones. We tried binding it up using vetwrap, but the bandage kept coming lose. Just the other day, I noticed her other wing was drooping too. The wings appear to be paralysed - she doesn't react at all when you examine her and doesn't flap.

Until today, apart from the wings, she appeared to be fine - still active and lively, eating and drinking. This morning she was moping in the coop when the others had all gone out, with her head down and her feathers fluffed out. I've separated her from the others, and given her some Nutridrops.

On googling, the only possible explanations seem to be Mareks or some sort of deficiency. I don't really think it's Mareks, as (until today) she didn't actually look ill as such, and none of the other chickens are affected (we have 12 chickens and 10 bantams).

Has anyone ever encountered anything like this?



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Re: Wing paralysis in bantam
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2017, 21:14 »
did you buy or hatch the hen? if bought were they inoculated?
what is her poo like, and has she got ruffled feathers. is the run clean?
can mice, rats or wild birds have access.
Taking the hen to a vet would be good.
could be salmonella, botulism

recommend Haynes Chicken Manual

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