Sichuan or Szechuan Pepper Seeds

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Sichuan or Szechuan Pepper Seeds
« on: October 12, 2017, 20:38 »
I've just harvested the little pink fruits from my pepper plant and as they dry and split open, shiny black seeds are appearing.  Would anyone like some? It seems a shame to waste them.

They need 3 months of chilling so you could put them in the fridge and sow early next year.  Some advice here :

I've no idea how long it would take to grow a decent sized shrub.  Mine came as a single whip 2 years ago and is now a fair size so maybe 3 years to fruiting  :unsure:

This is a thorny plant - think rose thorns but turbo charged, so probably not great if you have small children or elderly pets that bumble into things.

Anyway, drop me a pm and they an be yours for an SAE.  I have enough to split between 2 or 3 people if need be  :)


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