Chicken moulting in June is this usual as my others were all Novemberish?

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Hi, I have had hybrid chickens for nearly 6 years now, and previously they have all moulted towards the end of the year, November time, which I always thought was a bit odd given its getting colder but figured they were getting ready for winter and they all did ok.  I have a chicken that is just over a year old so I wasn't expecting a moult until the end of the year because of her age, but she was broody a few weeks ago which we managed to snap her out of and now shes having quite a big moult she seems to have quite a few new feathers coming in and shes still laying eggs ok.  Do chickens have a set time for moulting or are they all different?  We have another chicken we got at the same time and shes not moulting.  Thanks 



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Whilst, as you say it is usually the end of the year, they can moult at any time. They just like to keep us guessing. If she is still laying she may need some extra help with protein in her diet as she is using a lot of energy making new feathers as well. You could try a little cat food ( non poultry! ).  She may well go off lay for a while, but this is nothing to worry about.  :)
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I have four Buff Orpingtons that my broody hatched last September and they have started to moult as has the BO Cockerel.  I add Poultry Spice to their feed when they moult :)

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