A poem for tortie-lovers.

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A poem for tortie-lovers.
« on: April 05, 2015, 14:13 »

She has such loving warmth within her deep and tortie-marbled fur.
Her tail is up even when itís down.
Always somewhere around, whether itís on the ground or up a tree.
This joyous being is always somewhere near me.
Ever-seeking to drink from the cup of the love-life we have given her.

Itís wet outside but, so what? Sheís gone out.
Some things are far more important and canít be ignored.
Then sheís back in and licks the raindrops off.
Might have another look if needs be, or maybe decide
To lie contentedly on the carpet by my side.

Her fur has dried, so now itís time to go outside again
And, if the sun comes out and I go out,
She canít wait to tell me whatís what.
Where she spies on birds and where the shrewís home lies
Made from the dried grasses grown on the earthy loam.

Talking out of the side of her mouth, she tells me something important.
The mice have arrived so we wonít starve today.
There are dead ones that I tread on and some live ones she leaves for me to find.
We talk to each other with special voices that bind us,
And our understanding is ever expanding.

Sometimes we just sit together quiet and still and say nothing.
My finger strokes her purse-like ear and we share our soul feelings.
A sublime trust nurtured from our love-seeds planted long ago that keeps on growing.
Itís then I see her half-closed eyes, her choca-mocha eyes. So dark and deep
It makes me weep with the sheer pleasure of such a simple thing.
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Re: A poem for tortie-lovers.
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2015, 17:29 »
That's lovely GG  :)

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