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Title: Greenhouse identification
Post by: makedoandmend on March 24, 2018, 12:46

I inherited my greenhouse - it's an AGL I think, but there seems to be very little on the internet about how to identify the different makes.

I'm sure some "components" may be interchangeable between some makes, but again there's not much info out there.

I'm looking to rebuild my 6x8 as a 6x4 in my tiny garden at home until the allotment comes thru'.

Trying to buy compatible "parts" is proving tricky - many companies just want to sell complete glasshouses.

I wonder if there's anyway we could start a resource with images to help folk identify makes and perhaps list suppliers who've been helpful with parts / secondhand stuff etc.

Make do.

Title: Re: Greenhouse identification
Post by: Lardman on March 25, 2018, 08:31
In my experience you're flogging a dead horse there.  :(

Any components you find will be priced so high it will make the job uneconomical to do. I've wanted bits (glass, frame components, doors) several times and every time it's just been cheaper to buy a second hand house from ebay, fetch it and then strip it for parts.  :nowink:

By my thinking you'll only need a ridge and the side rails (top and bottom) to shrink things, I have a feeling AGL use the same extrusions as Halls but if you post a picture of the ridge and side rails I can compare them to mine.

Alternatively you could try cutting them in a way so you could reassemble them at a later date with either inserts or reinforcing plates or how good is your TIG welding?
Title: Re: Greenhouse identification
Post by: Toosje on March 25, 2018, 14:25
You could try and get glass from a veg grower with green houses (a big one I mean: farmer? Or is that just for animal farms?) Often they have glass laying as spare and you can buy for a reasonable price. A glass cutter will not cost you much, but do have a look on you tube for the wright technique: the first time I did it I finished a whole blade of one piece of glass. When measuring leave 2 mm around the glas to the frame for expansion with warm weather.

The attachment system can be tricky.. Maybe just google om pictures or get some flexible glue.. Polymax..?
Title: Re: Greenhouse identification
Post by: Growster... on March 26, 2018, 18:38
Try 'Two Wests and Elliott'.

They're pretty helpful!