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Title: Greenhouse components wanted
Post by: makedoandmend on March 23, 2018, 13:25

I was fortunate to get myself a free 8 x 6 greenhouse, with most of the glass. I've repaired the door with some 'industrial' rollers I made on the lathe and I've replaced the door seal with some wiper blade refills.
There is no name to be found but from my research it looks like a Halls / Eden type - it's probably 30-40 years old.
At the moment I am on a waiting list for my allotment, but would like to put up half the greenhouse in my garden at home ie make it 4 x 6.
I'm looking for a 4 foot roof beam and 2 gutter beams, the base is easier being just right angle aluminium.
Any pointers would be much appreciated.


Title: Re: Greenhouse components wanted
Post by: jezza on April 15, 2018, 20:29
hello I have an old Eden 8x6 greenhouse dismantled ready for the scrap man the wind blew it down the ridge beam is complete one gutter ok the other slightly bent if its any good you can have it  jezza