Hot weather 35c

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Hot weather 35c
« on: July 18, 2022, 14:56 »
Hi, how are everyone coping with keeping their hens from over heating today? My two hens are free range and with a few frozen treats, are coping well. I, just last week, bought two 11week old bantams and they are in a small run with plenty of water, ice cubes and they too love the frozen peas. We've shaded their run with our garden parasol and their run is on grass. But they're small and not as capable of regulating their body temperature. One is panting but both are bright enough at the moment. The run will be in natural shade during the peak of the heat. I won't shut the hatch tonight on either coop, just put some mesh across.
Has anyone got any tricks to keep them cool that I've missed? I'll give anything a go.


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Re: Hot weather 35c
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2022, 15:16 »
I have shade covers over both my runs.  They are both in natural shade for a fair part of the day, but in this weather I just shade all day.  Hens cool themselves by panting, but it does mean they are feeling it.

Camouflage netting is good, or greenhouse shading if you have it, or a wet towel on a small run.  Water evaporating will help cool the air under it.

I also have grapes on hand.  Any cheap ones will do and I cut them up into small pieces before feeding.  Both runs have had a small handful as a snack this afternoon.  An apple cut in half is a good one as well.  It just makes sure they are getting enough fluids.



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Re: Hot weather 35c
« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2022, 17:45 »
My 3 are in a secure run on the allotment but they have an onduline roof so fully shaded. We did however took more of the corrugated plastic sheets off from around the outside on Sunday to allow more of a breeze through. In reality we should have done it sooner, but hubby didnít fix it to make it easy for me to remove in the first instance as I had intended. We had already removed some panels in spring. They donít have a coup within the run just a roost bar so need more protection in the colder months, hence the plastic panels.
Iíve had to leave them to it in the heat of today so I hope theyíre alright.  :mellow:
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