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Title: Rats!
Post by: nerdle on March 15, 2021, 08:36
It's all my fault  :ohmy:- food was left out overnight and at first it was one then two then three spotted in one go...
Two years ago the pest man put down two of those bait box things which dealt with the problem but I worry about dead mice/rats with poison in them being found by my hens/birds.  Not keen on traps as don't want to risk hurting oher species.

I've been browsing t'net for products but don't know which one to buy.  Anyone had success and can recommend anything?

Just seen similar post and have read links thank you New

Title: Re: Rats!
Post by: New shoot on March 15, 2021, 11:32
I have used a bait box before now without mishap.  Next door has a very run down shed with rubbish piled round it which is rat paradise, so every now and then we get unwelcome visitors.  Rat poison works quite slowly so they tend to die underground during the day.

I take the food in every night and that is really one of the best ways to deter them.  No reason to come if there is nothing to eat.  If you are seeing them during the day, they are getting bold and you might need the pest man back in again.

Would a temporary run area work for you?  The hens would only need to be in there for a week or so and then you could be sure they were nowhere near dead rats.  A pop-up or folding rabbit run can also be used, just make sure you shade at least half of it :)
Title: Re: Rats!
Post by: nerdle on March 15, 2021, 17:15
Thank you - great suggestions.  I have actually booked the rat man now who will be here on Thursday.  He suggests rat poison down their 'burrow' and loose soil filling in the gangway so no other species can be affected.  If I have a decaying rat under the coop I can lift up the floor if necessary. If he has good advice I'll pass it on.

Would still welcome any product name if that's allowed(?) for future reference.

All food cleaned away and new bird table.

I've been slow to deal with this so a lesson learned.  The gals were relucutant to go 'to bed' - very strange behaviour so they've been affected by this for a while.

Title: Re: Rats!
Post by: nerdle on March 25, 2021, 10:21
To follow up...
Two rat man visits and ratty had moved on before he got here!!!
Just remove all access to food and wait is the solution.  They do glean anything on the ground the hens haven't found so zero food on ground = no rats.   
They can't nibble through chicken wire contrary to what I've read.