Fruit Tree advice, tips and tricks please

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Fruit Tree advice, tips and tricks please
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I think Chris is thinking of normally good patches of soil but FCG's isn''s very poor and once those roots start growing, there's no way you can interfere with them to put in nutrient where it's easiest for them to obtain. With no nutrients to find immediately, the fruit trees will start off poorly and always be 'sick' despite mulchings with manure or whatever. I stand by my advice to incorporate it now while the tree is very young and can burst into growth come spring. I've done it with all 17 of my fruit trees and all are doing well now despite terribly poor soil.

One thing that can be overcome with enriched soil is that as you set the tree into the ground, firmly tamp down the soil with your foot to elminiate those air pockets, which are indeed deadly to roots. Don't make the compaction rock hard but do make it firm as you slowly fill the planting hole.

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