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Title: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Post by: AlaninCarlisle on November 17, 2018, 15:49
 Anyone any experience of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which leaves you with a weak grip and total numbness in the thumb, forefinger and middle finger of the affected hand?  Simple tasks like fastening shirt buttons can be a real pain. I've had this for nearly a year and just assumed it was an untreatable symptom of getting on in age. I mentioned it to my GP during my annual check-up and after a visit to Musculo-skeletal Dept at hospital, I'm now booked into local hospital for an operation to cure it, mid January. I'm told by the practice nurse there that it's just a simple op and I'll be in and out in a couple of hours but will have to keep my hand in a sling for a few days afterwards.
Is it really that straightforward?
Title: Re: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Post by: mrs bouquet on November 17, 2018, 16:27
Yes it is.  My husband had his done and he had a cyst there as well. My Daughter had it in both hands, and had them both done together,
You are very lucky with your waiting times.  I have had mine for many years, and have it regularly injected, have now been waiting for that for 6 weeks.  Told them I want it done now, February 26th to see the MATT team.
I have been using a splint for the last four weeks, and it has made no difference at all !  However, I think there may be something else going on in there as well.  So Tuesday, I am going to A and E, and I shall sit there for as long as it takes.  Probably be home  about 24 hours later  :D
So good luck and get it done at the first chance.  Mrs Bouquet
Title: Re: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Post by: AlaninCarlisle on November 17, 2018, 17:35
Tuesday 15th January is the date. I'll give you my feedback after that
Title: Re: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Post by: rowlandwells on November 17, 2018, 18:21
I was struck down with Guillain-Barre syndrome ten weeks ago that completely stopped me in my tracks I visited the local surgery 4 times without it being diagnosed as it got progressively worse attacking the use of my fingers the spreading to my feet and creeping up my legs I couldn't stand it anymore I called 111 and was asked to go to hospital asap I was seen by a doctor and sent to A&E then sent to hospital ward

after several days I was put in the E.A.U. for treatment and was on a drip for 5 days eventually things improved after about two weeks and I was sent home still very shaken unable to do most things including gardening and although things have very much improved I'm still left that I can't do to much as I seem to get tiered I was very thankful to all the at the hospital for there help getting me back on my feet again  o forgot I had drop foot with this thing to I really wish you luck with your treatment that I hope goes well for you
Title: Re: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Post by: Christine on November 18, 2018, 08:24
Carpel tunnel has something to do with the activities you get up to I think. I had it when working on a factory line using a staple gun all day. A supervisor at another work place found that it was typing that started hers off.
Title: Re: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Post by: Elaine G on November 18, 2018, 21:44
Just in case it is relevant to anyone here, carpal tunnel can also be a side effect of underactive  thyroid.
Fortunately discovered before I asked for referral for surgery!

Title: Re: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Post by: Plot 1 Problems on November 18, 2018, 23:18
I had it in my late teens due to practising on my bass guitar for 4 hours a day+ with the bass slung down low, meaning I had my wrist bent permanently whilst playing. Learnt my lesson and now play with it nice and high. I may not look rock anymore but it sure beats CPS ;)
Title: Re: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Post by: sunshineband on November 19, 2018, 13:58
I developed this in my left hand for some reason in mid 20s. No idea why (I am right handed). So painful it used to wake me up at night

The op was very straightforward indeed and symptoms have never returned.

PS It was JPR Williams of Welsh rugby fame who did the op... made me smile to hold hands with him at the time, I can tell you  :nowink: