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Title: JOINING THESE FORUMS ? - please read
Post by: John on January 18, 2007, 23:46
Welcome to the forums - I hope these will prove a useful resource for everyone and a way for us to enjoyably interact.  Please treat others as you would be treated and do keep the language clean!

When you register, please pop some info in your profile about your location. If you ask for advice and are in the north of Scotland then that advice will be different to advice for south Devon! Or Canada Or New Zealand!

Please do ensure your email address is correct and if you use an anti-spam system add forum @ (remove the spaces around the @) to your allowed list. We get quite a few notifications etc bouncing back because they have been wrongly identified as spam.

If you try to register and hit a problem, please go to  Contact Me ( page and let me know - don't forget to say what user name you chose!

We have an excellent moderating team who work tirelessly to keep things on an even keel - do let them know via the Personal Message system or the Report to a Moderator link in the bottom right of every post if you see anything that you think they should be aware of.

Before you get going, please take a few minutes to check out  the other topics in the section.