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Title: Mobile water tanks
Post by: Anton 2 on November 25, 2021, 19:39
Advice please. I am preparing for next season working on a new allotment (in addition to the present one).
The new one has just a few barrels to collect water off a kind of shed and apparently the water runs out quickly when there is a drought.

We used to have the same problem on my present allotment until some gardeners rigged up a  fairly sophisticated water catchment system ( bit like the one referred to in the latest newsletter).

So in times of drought I would ferry a half filled rubbish bin (holding six or seven large watering cans of water) down to the garden. That combined with straw mulches helped my plants to survive.
The new garden is twice the distance so I am looking for a small water tank affair (hole at the top and tap at the bottom, with about the same capacity as the half full rubbish bin), as I have to transport the bin at and angle to stop the water shooting out. Any ideas please?

I will also have to transport garden tools from one garden to another. Any ideas about this (a caddy?)...
Title: Re: Mobile water tanks
Post by: Yorkie on November 25, 2021, 20:53
I'm not sure about the water storage point, but you can get a garden caddy on wheels like this (

Or you can go for the low, square, metal trolleys with a handle that you pull.  Depends on how much you need to move and whether it would all fit into the upright caddy without being too top-heavy.
Title: Re: Mobile water tanks
Post by: Nobbie on November 26, 2021, 17:24
This looks pretty good value for your purposes, collapses down when not in use which could be useful over winter.
Title: Re: Mobile water tanks
Post by: Potty Plotty Lotty on November 26, 2021, 20:37
I used one of for a bit. Amazon and other places also sell them so hopefully you can find them near you.

Title: Re: Mobile water tanks
Post by: Subversive_plot on November 27, 2021, 12:23
Would it be possible to have a siphon and hose system to get water from a stationary collection tank to the garden? Might be easier than a mobile tank if the garden is at the same elevation or lower than the collection point.
Title: Re: Mobile water tanks
Post by: jezza on November 27, 2021, 20:25
Hello I use to use mobile water tanks at a market garden,to water delegate plants like Aubergines that needed watering at the roots ,they were 20 gallon cans like dustbins that were moved about with a special barrow like a sack barrow with arms on that when pulled up lifted the barrel off the ground  but kept it level,the bins had lugs on the side 1 1/2  in diameter like a skip has,the barrow travelled over the ground very well,the bins have multiple uses    jezza