Removing leek netting

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Removing leek netting
« on: September 24, 2022, 13:07 »
I know failsafe would be to keep net on until leeks are pulled but, for various reasons wondered if ok to remove it in,say , a months time?
Thanks for any views on this


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Re: Removing leek netting
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2022, 17:32 »
My leeks are currently uncovered as I donít normally cover them.
They have some rust but are ok other than that.
I would uncover them unless you have leek moths locally.
Keep digging



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Re: Removing leek netting
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2022, 18:46 »
Ours are covered. Currently we have leek moth in the area and it'll surely be followed by the second bout of allium miner. From experience I'd sooner keep them covered a while longer than risk losing the lot.



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Re: Removing leek netting
« Reply #3 on: September 25, 2022, 10:13 »
As I've said a few times I think over the years on here, never had anything attack my leeks.
Have had a very small amount of rust on a few leeks many years ago, not seen it in recent years.

My leeks are planted in different areas in raised beds around my plot.
I do cover some of them them for a short time when first planted for about a month, just to stop anything trampling or blowing onto them while settling in their watered holes. For the rest of their time until early Spring they uncovered.

Looking like I will be picking some in a few weeks time, they are fattening up nicely.



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Re: Removing leek netting
« Reply #4 on: September 25, 2022, 10:37 »
My allotment partner left the ones she planted uncovered and they look ok.  The OB next door said his had been attacked so he nets them;  therefore, I thought I'd do the same.  Uncover in November, appen



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Re: Removing leek netting
« Reply #5 on: September 25, 2022, 15:42 »
I've not covered my leeks and they are doing ok, if only I could keep the foxes and neighbours cats from doing their business on the bed with them I would be a happy man, but otherwise following the posts on here has proven to be excellent
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