non starting merry tiller 1978 white engine curvy handle engine model 130282

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T Howell

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I collected my new fixer upper this week.

Its a 78 curvy handle major with engine code 78032007, model 130282 type 0788-01

Engine is turning over fine, the cord was sticking but I fixed that be oiling the shaft that the clutch sits on.

I have tested the spark with a spark tester and have nothing, I have cleaned the points and the kill/off wire connection, also the points gap is fine and they are opening and closing fine, but still no spark.

So I figured I would try the magnatron coil off my 84 major, but it doesnt fit, its a tad wider on its mounting stud holes.

So can I buy a magnatron coil for this 78 engine?  any online link to one appreciated.


R Tallentire

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The magnetron coil for the later 5hp side valve engines will fit the earlier machine. Before going to that expense, double check that the points are clean, the slightest speck of dirt on them will stop them working. I have also forgotten to move the throttle from the stop position before now and mistakenly put the failure to spark down to the coil or points. The air gap between flywheel and coil is critical too, 0.010" to 0.014" for the 5hp engine.
R Tallentire


T Howell

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Great advice thanks

For the record its the replacement Coil 397358 - ordered one last night should arrive Tuesday

While I am waiting for that I have started stripping it down removing rust and painting in smooth red hammerite!

I think I will treat it to a new exhaust another order for Mr T...

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