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Title: Dehydrator projects
Post by: New shoot on October 28, 2020, 16:20
I have not dried that much this summer, but found a few reduced label bargains that made this project attractive   :)

Lemon slices for tea that are really good.  I have a cup of black tea on the go right now with one in.  They are also very pretty to keep next to the coffee and tea containers on the side in the kitchen.  It did cross my mind you could make festive decorations with them  ;)

The jar of strange dark objects is black grapes, halved or sliced if really big.  They are fantastic and very different from raisins or sultanas you can buy.  I think OH had nabbed them for morning porridge toppings though. I made the mistake of letting him try them and that was it.  I wasnít getting that jar back  :lol:
Title: Re: Dehydrator projects
Post by: wighty on October 28, 2020, 21:31
Can you reccomend one to buy as I fancy trying this.   We got a bag of seven green peppers from the Co-op today reduced to 50p.  We've sliced up halve and diced the other half and put them in the freezer.  I think we would like an alternative to the freezer. I keep trying to clear a shelf in the big freezer ready for 'that time of year' but I'm not getting very far with that.
Title: Re: Dehydrator projects
Post by: New shoot on October 28, 2020, 22:33
I bought mine years ago and it was second hand so I donít really know the best ones out there at the moment.  Mine is also a large model that holds huge amounts. 

It is worth keeping an eye on EBay.  They come up on there fairly often and usually at vastly reduced prices to buying new  :)
Title: Re: Dehydrator projects
Post by: New shoot on October 31, 2020, 11:41
Dried pineapple done overnight from canned fruit.  I have made it from fresh before, but this was a lot less bother as no prep other than draining.  It also dried much faster and you would be pushed to know the difference.

More potential porridge toppings for OH as the apple crop was not great this year and he had already polished off most of his dried stocks.

Picture of my aged dehydrator with dried pineapple in situ, plus the jars.  This was a whole dehydrator full and was 6 big cans (it is on offer at work).