Chicks are hatching!

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Chicks are hatching!
« on: April 01, 2012, 11:55 »

I'm hatching my first batch of chicks, no signs before bed, woke up to cheeping and an empty shell!! hubby thought it was an April fools when the kids went up to tell him!  Anyhow, one hatched and 2 more pipping (out of 12) my questions are as follows

How long after their due date should I wait before concluding that all that were gonna hatch have? (due date tomorrow)


How long can it take from pipping to actual hatch? (one of the eggs doesnt seem to have done much at all this morning and I'm starting to get a bit worried)

thanks in advance



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Re: Chicks are hatching!
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2012, 13:04 »
Here is some information Hillfooter posted

"After about 14- 16days you can candle again and you should notice a big change the shaddow will have become a much darker region completely opague with a bright area which is the air sack which should be at one end.  If there are any which haven't developed from the initial candling discard.

Return the eggs and after 18 days stop the turning and raise the humidity to 70%RH or set up the humidifier as instructed and leave until 21 days when they should start to pip and hatch.

DO NOT attempt to assist them out of the shell and don't raise the lid until at least half the eggs have hatched.  You can transfer the first batch to the brooder at this stage and discard the egg shells as quickly as possible to avoid loss of humidity (you can mist the incubator when closing it don't wet the eggs though).  All the eggs which are going to hatch should have done so by day 22 and any which show no signs of pipping at this stage probably aren't going to but you can leave until 23 days if you like."

You might find more information here

Good luck with your hatch.  Don't forget the photos.   :)
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