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Title: Manual for Rotavator
Post by: omits on April 17, 2021, 09:26
Hi, our allotment has acquired a Viking-umwelttechnik (taken over by STIHL in the '90s) model. Thing is we think it should have a spike at the back to dig in and control the forward motion a bit as it pulls like an out of control horse! Also the 'clutch' (I assume that is what the lever is for on the handle) does not seem to release the belt so the engine continues while the blades stop rotating.

Anyone have advice or the manual? Thanks.
Title: Re: Manual for Rotavator
Post by: R Tallentire on April 17, 2021, 13:23
A full side view pic of the machine would be more help than the makers plate. Viking are still going, or were a couple of years ago. I know Gateshead Lawnmowers ( had Vikings in their showroom a while back. The big ones do have a skid, though they seem to be making a "Mantis" type now which doesn't appear to have one. It is possible that Viking dealers will have the Instruction book, or one for a later version of the same machine.
Title: Re: Manual for Rotavator
Post by: jezza on April 18, 2021, 18:02
Hello I've just googled viking tillers the one I looked at has a depth control skid as does the ones in the Stihl catalogue  a dealer should be able to get you a new skid    jezza