Too Late for Potatoes

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Re: Too Late for Potatoes
« Reply #15 on: May 15, 2010, 00:38 »
Local farm usually plants first week of april it was 2nd week on may this year and they dont seem worried they dont supply supermarkets just the locals.
I dont do main crop cause i can get em for 3.00 a bag not worth time and space but dont worry you will still get a crop.
I have planted spuds as late as July and they have still produced a harvest before x,mas. 
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Re: Too Late for Potatoes
« Reply #16 on: May 15, 2010, 08:15 »
It`s a little bit late for maincrop/late potatoes but you CAN use them as new/early potatoes. If the soil has been unused for a few years, then don`t worry about feeding.

ok, i'm a newbie but this potato planting intrigues me!

If you plant them as you suggested will they not be ready quite close together?

From everything i've read 1st earlies take about 12 weeks, 2nd earlies take about 16 weeks and mains take about 20 weeks (all depending on variety of course). So in my tiny logical brain that means that if you plant them all at the same time you get them about 4 weeks apart. Is that not the idea?

I've planted  14 No. 1st and 2nd earlies and about 20 mains altogether (in the ground - have some earlies in bags in the greenhouse as well which will come out of the greenhouse to make room for more tomatoes when mother nature gets her act together!) in the hope that I have potatoes pretty much from mid june through to september based on the length of growing period for each that I mentioned above - have I screwed up here?

I also hope to put some more in the bags in the greenhouse when i've harvested the first lot so that i might get some potatoes in october/november as well.

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