Kellogs promotion 43 free seeds for buying 3 packs of cereal (plus P&P)

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This was posted on the Money Saving Expert Forum and looks like it could be worth considering, especially if you are just starting out and already eat Kelloggs cereals!

Each packet of promotional cereal is worth 10 points, collect 30 points and you can claim "43 of veg seeds" just for the cost of p&p of 3.99. There are other things you can use the points for too.

Seeds offer

You get a personalised postal order form. Download and send it off and you will receive 43 worth of seeds from Cottage Garden Seeds, including salads, vegetables and brassicas, for just the cost of postage and package (3.99). Information about what is included is provided below (there is also a range of other offers which require fewer points).

This reward can only be taken up once and only by one member per household

What seeds are included. SALADS: Mibuna * Mizuna * Green & Red Mustard * Pak Choi * Tah Tsai * Land Cress * Kale Red Russian * Red Chard * Rocket * Corn Salad * Spinach * Sorrel * Chervil * Lettuce Rougette de Montpelier * Chicory Italico Rosso * Rocket Dentellate * Lettuce Lollo Rossa * Lettuce Catalogna Cerbiata * Kale Nero de Toscana * Red Lettuce * Red Comatsura
BASIL: Lemon * Lime * Greek * Cinnamon * Sweet Genovese * Spice * Purple Ruffles * Green Ruffles
ORGANIC VEGTABLES: Early Sprouting Purple Broccoli * Golden Acre Cabbage * Early Nantes Carrots * White Lisbon Onions * Detroit Beetroot * Marvel of Four Seasons Lettuce * Red Cherry Tomatoes * Italian Giant Parsley * Sweet Genovese Basil * Rocket

According to the website you can also get the points from

Kelloggs Cereals (FREE cereal promotional packs)
Discovery's fajita and mexican kit boxes with Sol Beer Promotion
Pedigree Pet Foods - (Marley & Me promotional packs)
Cadbury's fingers - (packs with the Virgin Vie promotion)
Ryvita's goodness bars
Fabulous Bakin Boys's cupcakes and flapjacks
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That looks like a good offer there, and I already purchase a number of those products.  Thanks for the tip.



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have already received mine,its an ok offer,too much basil for my liking though.
theres a mail order place i use now,bit basic but if you want veg and do the organic thing.
pks start from 19p,99p p&p for any amount of seeds,i think.
at the moment they are doing a promo on extra % on some packs.
its nice to be nice



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Just put what you don't want on "swap shop" and swap for something you do need. ;)
Cheese makes everything better.



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I went into my local Asda, yesterday, looking for the promotional packs of Kellogs and was disappointed to find none of the packs had any sort of voucher or offer.  Is this only in England, maybe?



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I went into the local supermarket-we-don't-name and virtually all the boxes with promos on had been opened!



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I looked today and there were no special Kellogs boxes at all.

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