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General Gardening / Re: my pond
« Last post by pepsi100 on Today at 16:07 »
steven c
I had forgotten about the barley bundles, ordered 3
Thanks for the reminder
I've been using this other stuff Vanquish Essence of Barley Straw

Its not pea soup, (it just looks a green)but really looks like, its not duckweed

Is it worth draining the pond, now, I can use a pump and put in my water butts (save water and the planet, kind of thing ;) )
Grow Your Own / Re: Has anyone seen my allotment?
« Last post by Alank on Today at 11:27 »
Of its not weeds its water, or both.
Might try planting some rice here  :D
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What’s for tea? 2024
« Last post by Goosegirl on Today at 10:32 »
A moussaka with baby pots and veg.
Chatting on the Plot / Re: RIP ‘Wighty’
« Last post by Goosegirl on Today at 10:31 »
We PM'ed on occasions and can't quite believe we've lost such a dear member.
Me too. I got gowned up to continue deadheading my rose hedge only to find it was mizzling. Cue got back inside and putting off mopping the kitchen floor as I decided it wasn't too bad.
General Gardening / Re: Late bedding plants.
« Last post by Goosegirl on Today at 10:26 »
Oh rugger! Think I'll go back to Jack's Magic next year and cross my fingers for some warmth sometime soon this year.
General Gardening / Re: my pond
« Last post by steven c on Today at 10:24 »
a small bundle of Barley straw will clear the water. good luck.
General Gardening / Re: my pond
« Last post by Goosegirl on Today at 10:24 »
Is the green more like a soup which may be due to algae, or is it duckweed? Is your pond in the shade or sun?
Heavy rain last night, still drizzly this morning and more to come according to the forecast  :(
Most of the roses are a soggy mess, although I did manage to pick enough for a couple of vase yesterday afternoon..
14C in the greenhouse overnight and 15C outside now, a pretty miserable summer, so far...
General Gardening / my pond
« Last post by pepsi100 on Today at 07:56 »
My pond arrived, its a 1000 liter one
Had to dig a hole big enough to fit it in
(think the size of a grave,  worried the neighbours)
I made it look decent with a wood surround, then bought a waterfall filter
No UV light though
Left it for a couple of days to let the chlorine  dispate
It started to go green, so I bought some chemical to clear the green stuff, that didnt work
I bought some snails in the hope they would clear the water, algae was starting to grow in there
I added a trip measure of this pond clear
Now the pond looks like pea soup
I have put in some pond plants, the floating type, in the hope that will help, then underwater pond plants, oxgenerating plants
I have tried everything I can find on the market to clear the green stuff from my pond
So any recommendations or suggestions how to clear this green water and stop it coming back ?
I havent put any fish in it yet
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