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Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea 2021?
« Last post by New shoot on Today at 19:54 »
Soddages in a tray bake with plot veg and some oven roasted small whole spuds.
Grow Your Own / Re: Daily Harvest
« Last post by New shoot on Today at 19:51 »
A couple of small summer cabbages, a courgette, a mini cuke, tomatoes and french beans from the plot.

Bonus for the chooks as well. A handful of wheat that grew out of some bark chips that were in their run and that I was using as mulch  :)
Another cracking day right up until 6pm when the sky suddenly went dark. A couple of spits of rain but that was about it.
Grow Your Own / Re: Rotting Tomotoes
« Last post by John on Today at 19:28 »
Oh the logic is pretty easy to understand. BM needs expensive testing to be approved for the pesticide list and it's so easy and cheap to make that nobody thinks it worth that investment. Let's face it, home growers don't count in the eyes of DEFRA
Grow Your Own / Re: Is it autumn already??
« Last post by Subversive_plot on Today at 18:32 »
It has also been a mixed bag over here.

My yellow summer squash (variety Butter Dish) produced 2 fruits out of 4 plants; what we call zucchini here produced nothing at all.  Huge plants, lots of flowers, however very little fruit set.  Then the squash vine borers got in and literally liquified the stems into orange mush / dead plants. Be glad you don't have squash vine borers.  If I ever grow squash again, it will be tromboncino (resistant to the borers). 

Deer managed to get around my deer fence and turned the garden into a salad bar.  Squash, peppers, cucumber plants, okra ...  they even ate 2 orchid plants and a Christmas cactus.

On the plus side, the tomatoes and cucumbers that did not get eaten have produced a bumper crop, enough that salad is available every day and I have plenty to give away to family and friends.  Banana an jalapeno peppers are also producing a bunch.

We have enough growing season remaining that I am going to plant green beans and wax beans later today (I think both of those you may call French beans?).  Maybe a tomato or two in pots. That may be it in terms of summer crops for this year, but I may soon get started on crops that will produce over the winter for us (chard, turnips and suchlike).
Grow Your Own / Re: Re: Onions from seed - for 2021
« Last post by New shoot on Today at 18:04 »
I know we are all up against it this season and not everything, or even anything much, is growing as it should, but indulge me for a little dance of joy.  I promise to be quick about it  ;)

I rescued the onions from the weeds today and found these  :)
Grow Your Own / planting in black mulch
« Last post by rowlandwells on Today at 17:42 »
I've been thinking about planting my onion plants in black mulch next season although we harvested a fair crop of bulb onions yesterday the onions are having to complete with weeds

I've  tried this method before with little succus but that was planting through thick black plastic sheeting but  as the black mulch is much thinner it maybe better for planting and I  made the holes in the plastic  sheeting to big and as sets just didn't come through the plastic and weeds emerged instead of onions so I ended up removing the plastic sheeting as a bad job for the sets to grow  :mad:

so a smaller cut in the mulch so it could be better what I'm not sure about is as onion plants when the onion plant  grows will the bulb it produces grow through the mulch or under the mulch?

I've looked for  some info on youtube about planting in black mulch but its a bit vague and doesn't really explain to much its more for the commercial grower so any info on this topic would be much appreciated as i would really like to try growing onions in black mulch as well as my brassicas and if it works its going to save quite a lot of work removing nets of the brassicas

Another sunny day  :)
Chatting on the Plot / Re: Flying Ant Day
« Last post by MrsPea on Today at 17:29 »
We had some afew weeks ago Ant powder does wonders  :)
Chatting on the Plot / Re: What's for tea 2021?
« Last post by MrsPea on Today at 17:27 »
Turkey burger chips and beans, rest of pineapple left over from last night with yoghurt.  :)
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